Whenever I hear this it gives me pause…

  Very early in my career, I decided my first business, needed to advertise.

We hired an ad agency…

They made beautiful ads…

We placed them, full-page and in full-color in a major business magazine in our market…

We got lots of phone calls (at first)…

…from “friendly” competitors saying how much they loved our new ads.

This week, I heard from a business owner that he too, was getting compliments from his competitors.

They loved his marketing.

It gave me pause.

If your marketing is working, they’ll shun you.

They won’t like you.

You’ll be taking business that they wish they had.

They’ll wonder how you’re doing it, and assume you’re doing something you shouldn’t…’cause you’ve un-leveled the playing field.

If you’re getting compliments on your brochure or your new logo or your branding, at your next association meeting…

…run, don’t walk, back to the office and figure out how to fix it…fast!

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photo courtesy of: FDR Presidential Library & Museum's photostream

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