When clients are “embarrassed” to refer you

Every now and then I get an email from a business owner in a “personal and confidential” business. No, not like that…

You know, a business that, if you were a client, you wouldn’t go and broadcast it to the world.

Like if you’re seeing a therapist, “couples” counselor or Brazilian waxing specialist to take care of that gorilla fur on your back.

You *might* not walk up and down the street announcing your love of your waxing artist (I don’t know what they call themselves).

So, IF you’re in a business like that, how do you get referrals?

Let me tell you what you already know…your clients aren’t going to refer you. That’s the bad news.

The good news…I guarantee you can find and cultivate a cadre of Promoters™—people selling a non-competing product or service to the same market.

Using the methods outlined in Unstoppable Referrals—your Referral Kit™ plus one (or more) of the Promoter™ strategies, you can tap into the network of these closely aligned partners.

And, they’ll love you for it, because I’ll bet $10 bucks they’re struggling with referrals, too.

Teach them how it’s done and be *unstoppable!*




photo courtesy of: Sarebear:)

Steve Gordon

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