The vital few things you must do to attract IDEAL clients

  A mile wide and an inch deep…

That’s the marketing approach many take.

Dabble a little here…a bit over there…and why not try that thing too?

Surely, if you try enough tactics, something’s bound to work.


The problem with the logic (and I see it play out over and over) is that you never really get good at, much less master, any tactic.

The trick is settling on a few proven *principles* and having patience.

Need some principles? Here you go…

1. Focus on referrals - there’s no easier sale.

2. Build a platform and accumulate prospects. You’ll never want for clients again.

3. Build one, single path (the popular kids call ‘em funnels these days) from prospect to client and stick to it. Only then can you improve it.

That’s it. Effortless growth flows from perfecting simple, unchanging principles.




photo, originally in color, courtesy of: Jeff Nelson

Steve Gordon

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