The story of the impotent judge

  Have you heard the story of the impotent judge? (Sounds like a lead-in to a “walk into a bar” joke…) But there’s a point… The impotent judge is sad… He sits in his robe, on the bench, seeming to wield all the power… Yet he’s completely and utterly *impotent*. He (or she) is you. You cannot judge the value you deliver to your clients. You ought not judge the value you deliver to your clients… Your clients are the jury…they decide what’s valuable and what’s useless. Maybe that seems obvious, but stop for a second and THINK… Think of all the times and ways you assume you know what they value… You try to “sell” what you think they value… …and it’s a struggle… That’s a good sign you’ve missed the mark. Only THEY are fit to judge what is valuable in what you offer. Pay close attention…they’ll render a verdict. Then go sell them more of THAT.




photo, originally in color, courtesy of: Beinecke Library

Steve Gordon

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