The proper use of social media in getting clients

If you’ve ever wondered exactly how to use social media to get clients, I’ll make it clear (and simple) for you today…

Here’s a shocking start… "posting articles on LinkedIn [or Facebook]" is NOT the strategy. Post a few, sure, for credibility. But don’t expect the phone to ring.

Everybody thinks the magic distribution powers of social media are helpful in getting clients.

“If *they* just share my post, maybe it’ll go viral…”

That and $5.99 will buy you a coffee at Starbucks.

The “post and pray” method completely ignores the true strengths of the social media platforms…

Connection and intelligence.

#1. Connection. There’s no better place to go to figure out who your clients know, that would be fantastic prospects for you, than their list of social connections. And most of the platforms show these to you, for everyone you’re connected with.

Prospecting BONANZA!

#2. Intelligence. All that clicking and liking your prospects are doing gives you ways to find the right prospects, that were never before available.

You’ve got to pay to access that intelligence (buy ads)…better to do that than pay in time as you write…post…write…post…write…

Used the right way, it can deliver endless leads…

Photo, originally in color, courtesy of: LPS.1

Steve Gordon

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