The perfect pricing model

Today I want to expose a pricing lie. This little lie has destroyed businesses and ruined lives.

And no, that's not hype.

The lie goes like this: "It's easier to sell at lower prices."

Sounds logical...getting a prospect to part with a smaller sum should be easier.

But I've yet to find that to be true.

In fact, I believe it becomes infinitely easier to sell as price goes up.

Here's why...

You're now dealing with a better quality prospect.

You've got more profit to spend to create a valuable point of difference.

High price is, inherently attractive to a strong segment of humanity (Typically the ones with money!).

You can spend more marketing to fewer prospects...going narrow and deep vs. wide and thin.

And, you simply need fewer sales to get the same results you might get at a lower price.

Here's the rub...fetching higher prices doesn't just happen.

You've got to appear different from the other options a prospect has in front of them...and different in a way that's valuable.

That doesn't mean more features (necessarily).

Tomorrow, I'll share some triggers that attract high-price buyers.

Stay tuned...

Steve Gordon

101 North Monroe Street, Capitol Hill, FL, 32301