The Mr. Nice Guy Trap

Have you ever spent years cultivating a prospect relationship... Answering every question they ask...

Giving your best advice...

Being a true "business friend"...

And then discover that they just hired the firm across town, instead of you?

Man, that hurts!

But it happens all the time in high dollar service businesses with long sales cycles.

You think..."If I help them along the way, they'll think of me when they're ready."

But here's the problem.

If you're always available for free...why would they pay you?

If you're always available for will they see you as an in-demand authority?

If you're always available for free, anytime they pick up the phone, you're a "nice guy"...but you're nothing special.

Special people, authorities, in-demand experts aren't available. They're busy billing someone. You can't get 'em on the phone.

If you're stuck in the "Nice Guy Trap" you've got a positioning problem.

I describe, in detail, three ways to fix your positioning and get out of the "Nice Guy Trap" in The Growth Levers Special Report.

Steve Gordon

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