The control freak’s complete guide to sales success

  Yesterday, a client in the building industry admitted to me that it burns him up to see a competitor’s sign up in front of a new building.

Unlike most businesses, there’s tangible, physical evidence screaming at you from the roadside in front of the projects you’ve lost to the competition.

And, if you’re even a little competitive it would burn you up, too.

So how do you deal with it?


Disconnect from the outcome.

See, we *think* we can control things. We think we should be able to get things to happen the way we picture them in our minds.

If we could just get all the prospects to go along with our vision of the future (the one where each and every one becomes a client) life would just be better for everyone!

Sadly, it never happens that way.

Yet, we allow ourselves to get wrapped up and stressed out about the ones that got away.

I left my client with this thought…

There is very little in this game of business that you actually control. And outcomes—did you make the sale or not—aren’t one of them.

So let the outcomes go. As my friend Srikumar Rao says…”Invest in the process, not the outcome.”




photo, originally in color, courtesy of: John Greenfield

Steve Gordon

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