The “client” experience…

  Two phone calls. Starkly different… The first, with a prospect for our Elite program… she’d had some success by sheer force of will—pounding the pavement—she’d hit six-figures, but barely…and stalled. Stuck there for two years with no growth. Small, but decent client base… And lucky to get a referral every few weeks or once a month, and no other means of getting clients to flow… She just didn’t have time for anything else, already maxed out on networking groups… My very next call that day was a client of three years… He started in a similar place. Successful, but stalled. But he’s not stalled now (he hasn’t been stalled for a long while). In fact, his real problem is too many prospects…so what makes the difference? Two things… A process to follow and… MASTERY OF THE PROCESS. My client followed a process for getting referrals. It was challenging at first. He pushed through and, quickly got results. Then he went deeper…to mastery. And on our call the, now, master reported with a smile and a chuckle… “You’ll like these results…two client meetings, 55 referrals.” The master does in a day, what the frustrated and stuck struggle to do in a year. The good news…the master—the client—was once frustrated and stuck too… Hope lives.




photo courtesy of: L'oeil étranger

Steve Gordon

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