Are you suffering from “low client flow”?

  I had dinner with a friend, a business owner, last night.

He confessed to having a copy of my book on his nightstand, but not reading it.

He described his business, and by all accounts he’s achieved success…

At a level…

Then he said: “I got 4 referrals last month. It was a good month.”

I asked… "Is that normal?"

He said, “No.”

“We normally don’t get that many.”

Four referrals…a good month???

How about four in your next meeting, and the one after that…and the one after that.

How about 98 in a month?

There’s no reason to suffer from “low client flow”.

It’s eminently curable.

The cure is simple and fast, but you gotta seek it out.

The simple strategy I gave my friend is the same strategy I give every new subscriber to The Unstoppable CEO™ CONFIDENTIAL—start your 2-month trial today and I’ll send it to you too.




photo, originally in color, courtesy of: Harvey Barrison


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