Sometimes marketing isn’t the problem

There’s a funny disconnect between what business owners who feel pressure to get clients “think” they need and what the marketing experts know is the real issue. The business owner thinks the problem is traffic…people visiting online, calling, walking in.

But traffic is almost never the real problem.

Experienced marketers know that there’s no such thing as a traffic problem.

If you think you have a traffic problem, it’s *really* one of two things…

#1. You’ve got a conversion problem. ’Cause if you’re converting a high percentage of prospects to clients, you should be able to buy all the traffic you want.

#2. And, if you’re converting well and still have a traffic problem, then you’ve got an economics problem. You’re not charging enough to re-invest back in traffic.

The good news…both problems are easy to fix.

The bad news…if you’re the #1 rainmaker, it’s tough to admit that you’re not closing well or for a premium fee.

Throwing more traffic into the system, when either of these two problems exist, just burns money.

Fix them first.




photo courtesy of: Kool Cats Photography

Steve Gordon

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