Simplifying Sales

  The game of getting clients is relatively simple…

Yet, we tend to muck it up and make things hard for ourselves…

We want to push to GET what we want (the client, the money) and when we do, the resistance notices…it rises up against us.

The simpler path first seeks to align what we want, with what THEY want (THEY, your prospects; THEY, your referral partners)…

Now, giving you what you want, gets them to what they want.

You might think the hard part is in figuring out what THEY really want…it’s not.

People are usually transparent about what they want.

The hard part is in being honest enough with yourself, flexible and thoughtful enough in your approach to maneuver your goals to align with theirs.

When you figure it out, the world opens up to you.




photo, originally in color, courtesy of: Port of San Diego


Steve Gordon

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