The riskiest business decision

  Imagine for a moment you’re faced with a business decision…a very risky decision…

Your best friend (what my kids call your BFF) started a business and has staked claim to a small niche of the market and…

Your #1 client, who’s now spent close to seven figures with you over the years, is, according to your friend, “the perfect candidate” for his solution.

What do you do?

Do you make the referral?

Do you risk de-railing the gravy train to help your friend and his new business?

Or, do you find some plausible, but weak excuse and sidestep the referral altogether?

My money’s on the latter…

Your BFF, even if he’s got a dynamite solution to a real problem, is asking you to risk too much…

All downside, ‘cause he might just damage your relationship with your client. No upside, ‘cause your BFF already likes you and being “more liked” doesn’t cover payroll.

But you don’t explain all this to your BFF…you just carry on in stoic silence, while he wonders why he’s not getting referred.

But…take away the risk…replace it with a “gift” to add value to your big client and suddenly, the door swings open.

Don’t be like your BFF.




photo, originally in color, courtesy of: the_dead_pixel

Steve Gordon

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