How referrals affect your pricing

  Has your industry been “Uberized”?

It’s possible that it has, and you don’t even know…

One of my clients is working with a web designer right now who’s charging mid 5-figures for a WEBSITE!

It’s the highest priced site I’ve ever seen.

And, there’s nothing really special about the site.

You could EASILY find someone to do something so similar, you’d struggle to find a difference for under $10,000.

You’d get “close enough” using the Uber of web design— for maybe a grand.

Same deal with contractors and Angie’s List…

Lawyers and…

And it’s coming to your industry or profession soon (if it’s not already there).

So, what creates the difference in price?

To a large degree, the source of client…

The web developer selling websites for $50k+ is sourcing clients from referrals. When the future client arrives in the initial meeting, most…probably all other competition is eliminated.

On the other hand, the poor saps relying on someone else to round up prospects, faces infinite competition…’cause that’s in the interest of the company rounding up the clients.

If you want to play and win the no-competition, high-fee game, then join me, and smart professionals from around the world, right here.




photo, originally in color, courtesy of: Descrier


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