Random acts of sales…

  There was a time in my career when getting a new client was a “random act”… It happened, and (thankfully) it happened often…but every one was random. Ran into a prospect at a networking event over here… Found the next one after giving a speech at a conference… One was referred… And so on…random. Random can work. It *might* be working for you right now… The only problem with random is that, well…it’s RANDOM. No patterns…no PROCESS… So you’re forced to be everywhere, all the time… To live on what I call “the hamster wheel of DEATH”… At every relevant conference, at every networking event…literally everywhere that a prospect *might* be… It’s a formula for small success. Big success only comes from process. Process is predictable. Process can be delegated (freeing you up, while still getting results). Process can be scaled. Process can be consistently IMPROVED. Do you stay on the hamster wheel or jump off?




photo courtesy of: Jim Larrison

Steve Gordon

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