Quality is NOT job 1

  Ford's old slogan is wrong...

QUALITY is not nor ever was job 1.

Not even at Ford.

Not ever at Ford.


the identification of...

the creation of...

the capture of...

the maintenance of...

the expansion of...DEMAND.

That is Job 1.

Without demand, there is no need for quality.

There is no need for anything in business...until there is demand.

Check your calendar today...how much time are you investing in thinking about, in engineering, in capturing the demand for what you do...for what you sell?

This alone is the primary activity of business. Of YOUR business.

Not just at the start, but every day.

The next issue of The Unstoppable CEO™ CONFIDENTIAL lays out a path for generating demand for your business.

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photo courtesy of: William Creswell

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