Playing the percentages in the client game

I love “first wins”…

I was on the phone with one of our Accelerator clients last week, who’d just started using his new Referral Kit™.

In about a week, he’d pulled in 25 referrals.

Not a bad week…

And a great “first win”…many more to come.

Putting a system in place that delivers 25 (or more) new leads a week changes your mindset.

Most of our clients come in, struggling to get 1 or 2 or 5 leads a week. When you’re getting so few, there’s extreme pressure to make every one count.

You have to have super-human closing ability.

All of that changes when you start playing the percentages. Instead of 1 or 2 leads a week, you jump to 25 or 40 or more…

You can be a horrible “closer” and still double your business, because you’ve improved your odds.

But you’ve got to make the shift to consistently getting more leads.

Until you do, you’d better strap on that sales-superhero cape, because the pressure’s on…

If you’re ready to lay down your cape, and start putting the odds in your favor, we should talk…

This week, we’ve opened up a few appointments for 1-on-1 calls to help you get clarity on what you need to do next, to get to 25+ high-ticket leads a week.

The calls are free, but we only have a few available this week.

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