Panhandling for clients

Three approaches to getting referrals. The first…the traditional…the one you’ve done, tried to do, are doing…

You “beg” for the referral.

You say would you, could you, set a date for me with *someone*, *anyone* who could use my Whatzit.

You’re panhandling for clients, and you’ll take whatever someone throws your way.

You’ll run after it, hoping it will finally fill your coffers.

The second way is “new age”…zen like…we don’t ask, no-no!

We simply *be* the business that people want to refer.

Great if you’re in a sexy business, have complete control (with no interference from regulators looking to commoditize you in the name of consumer protection) and possess creative, engaging market insights.

The third way…

Is empowering, not demeaning.

Requires no “magic creative powers”.

Delivers value to all involved—referrer, referral and you—without obligation.

Gives the prospect what they want most…a leader, who will illuminate their problem and guide them to a solution.

Positions YOU to be that leader. To be the expert. To be the pursued, not the pursuer.

The guide book and map to the third path is here.



photo courtesy of: little*star

Steve Gordon

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