Napoleon Hill's 2-Step Goal Process

footrace I always re-read Napoleon Hill's definitive success manual "Think and Grow Rich" this time of year...

As my inbox is flooded with offers for someone's latest goal setting course, Hill plainly lays out a simple 2-step "process" for setting goals you'll actually achieve.

So before you buy that new "best year ever" course, consider Hill's time tested approach...

Part 1: Set a specific target. What Hill calls "definiteness of purpose."

No wishy-washy, vague "make a million dollars" stuff...get VERY CLEAR AND SPECIFIC.

Part 2: Have "a burning desire" to achieve your goal. Not just an "I want to do X" feeling...a BURNING desire.

Without it, you'll give up like the rest who set goals at the New Year and have abandoned them by St. Valentine's Day.

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