How to multiply clients without all the hard work

  Your plate full?

I thought so.

Not long ago, I did a survey of business owners and the #1 obstacle to attracting more clients was “time.”

Not enough of it to go out and generate demand.

For businesses that are already serving a healthy group of clients, finding the time to add more is often next to impossible.

It either takes a big commitment from the business owner to re-design her role OR…

It takes systems and shortcuts.

Three systems in particular—one to gather new prospects, one to get ‘em ready to buy and one to convert them to high-ticket sales.

I recently did a webinar for clients where I outlined each system, and we’ve added that complete webinar as a bonus to our new FREE course: 6 Secrets to 10x More Referrals.

Hundreds have joined since we opened it up on Friday…if you’re not in yet, you can get in free, here:




photo courtesy of: Kheel Center

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