When should you look beyond referrals?

  For obvious reasons I’m a big advocate of growth by referral.

It’s virtually free, easy and delivers better prospects.

But sometimes you want to go beyond, so here’s when I’d do it…

1. When you’re already averaging 3-5 referrals per existing client.

2. You’ve got a working Promoter system to get referred by the dozens, hundreds or thousands at least once every 60-days.

3. THIS IS MOST IMPORTANT: You’ve got what I call a “Never Ending Platform” to turn new prospects (no matter how you create them) into clients in a predictable way.

I wouldn’t waste a moment of time or a single penny on any other form of lead generation until you can tick all three off the list…

The truth is, the only real reason to move to cold advertising is to systematize your lead generation. If you follow the plan in Unstoppable Referrals, you’ll turn referrals from a haphazard, inconsistent mess, into a predictable source of warm prospects.




photo, originally in color, courtesy of: Tammy Lo

Steve Gordon

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