It’s like walking blind down a dark alley

  …when you ask a partner you just met for a referral, that’s what they’re feeling…

“Is this a safe place?”

“What was that noise?”

“Am I gonna get mugged?”

There’s nothing but fear and downside for the referral partner.

They don’t know you well, they don’t trust you yet.

In Wednesday’s webinar, I’m going to show you how to “turn the lights on,” let them see that it’s not, in fact, a dark alley, but a friendly, inviting, valuable place to be…

…and a great place to send referrals.

And that turn can happen in the first meeting with a new referral partner.

It’s all in how you orchestrate the referrals…

The old way, that leads to the dark alley.

Or, the new way, that I’ll share on Wednesday, that turns on the lights and attracts them in…

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photo courtesy of: Serg C

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