For the last time! How to get clients fast

  So I get asked…I get emails…I get button-holed after speeches the same question again and again…

“Steve, I need clients NOW. What’s the best way to get them?”

Well, here’s what it ain’t…

It ain’t Facebook…

Or Google…

Or direct mail…

It “might be” referrals, depending on who you know, but more often then not, the fastest (and the easiest) way to get high-dollar clients…

You know the ones who’ll write big checks…

The way to get them when you need them NOW, is to get ‘em in a room and speak to them.

There, I said it.

But, I’m going to do one better, ‘cause there’s a lot of nonsense floating around the Internet about speaking for clients.

Most of it tells you to go get paid speaking gigs…nothing wrong with that, but it takes two sales to get the client.

First you gotta sell the gig, then sell the room of clients on you.

That’s twice the work.

The other type of nonsense is the notion that all sales speeches end with a rush to the back of the room by desperate buyers, who’ve pre-filled their order form in triplicate.


The REAL money, the DEPENDABLE money, is made when you close the client, not the room.

When you’re speaking to setup the large sale. Not speaking to hawk the small sale.

I’ve been writing about this kind of speaking for the last year to our Unstoppable CEO CONFIDENTIAL subscribers and several have been scoring big clients with the advice.

Two that I know of, landed clients from a standing start (new businesses from zero to clients within weeks).

So last Thursday I was talking with my friend Angelique Rewers (and I mean real friend, not Internet friend) and she told me about a webinar she’s hosting THIS Thursday on how to turn free speaking opportunities into real, paying clients.

I’m not getting paid to share this with you, I’m sharing it because I know, for many of you, this is one of the best ways you can consistently get clients…and Angelique and I are in lock step on how to do it.

If you want to see exactly how to get high-ticket, B2B clients using free speaking opportunities, then get on this webinar…


P.S. You may have noticed I’m sharing two webinars with you this week. It’s a bit unusual. I don’t often share other experts, mostly because so much of what’s out there today is fluff and hype. So, know that when I do share someone with you, it’s because I’ve checked them out and I believe in what they’re teaching. John Corcoran and Angelique Rewers are two people I listen to and I recommend you do too.

Back to our regularly scheduled programming tomorrow.




photo courtesy of: Kheel Center

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