I’ve been branded a sales “heretic”

  What I’m about to suggest goes against the “conventional wisdom” of sales.

You know…A-B-C…Always Be Closing!

But in high-trust sales, you might find, as I have, that the conventional approach lacks a little, well…TRUST.

(I don’t know why they don’t buy when I give ‘em the badda-bing, badda-boom!)

Try this instead…


Make ‘em wait…


I’ve never yet been disappointed with a client when they were acquired after making them work for it.

Yet, I’ve been consistently frustrated by clients who got sold into clienthood.

Delaying the sale gives the signal that you’re not *just* about the money. It increases trust.

It trains the client to comply with your process and your recommendations. (Essential, if they’re going to get a good outcome from you).

And it puts you squarely in the role of advisor (if you do it well) instead of vendor.

Advisors are paid well for their counsel.

Vendors are bid against one another.

Your choice.




photo courtesy ofSee-ming Lee

Steve Gordon

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