Is this a conflict of interest?

In the last issue I answered the first of two reader questions… “How do you find Promoters?”

Today, the second…

“Can I interview more than one Promoter in a category (ie. more than one attorney or banker or web designer)?”

First, interviews are one of the BEST and FASTEST ways to attract and build strong relationships with future referral partners…people I call “Promoters.”

And, I’m asked at least once every two weeks, if you can have more than one in a category…

The answer: Of course…it’s all in how you do it.

At one point I interviewed 22 consultants. Many would call them direct competitors. Yet there was no conflict and little repetition in any of the interviews.

See, each had a unique approach, an area of specialty, a twist or some unique experience that I helped them highlight in the interview.

Don’t limit yourself to just ONE relationship in any category.



photo courtesy of: uwdigitalcollections

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