If you had to master just one skill…

  If you had to master just ONE skill to grow your business it’s this…

Finding prospects.

See, most people can close prospects…

They can do it reasonably well, without manipulative sales tactics and “magic” scripts…

Just by having a good and useful product or service and being authentic.

For most closing isn’t the problem…

Getting enough people to listen to you IS the problem.

You’re just not getting enough “at bats” to really grow. That’s where to focus first.

In an email exchange with a client just last night he’s finally conquered the problem. He’s moved from 20 or fewer leads a month to 178.

And that number will grow. More importantly, he’s got a track to run on. He doesn’t need to keep reaching for new solution after new solution as if groping in the dark for leads.

He’s fixed that problem and now has some confidence and comfort in a predictable abundance of new prospects.

Right now registration is open for The Unstoppable Referrals Launchpad™ where I’ll take you through the exact process my client used to generate 178 prospects.

In 4-weeks, you’ll have a fully functioning referral getting system.

This isn’t an “information product” or “video course” it’s you and 10-20 other professionals working through the process and getting my direct and personal feedback all along the way.

If you need a predictable abundance of new prospects time is short and fewer than half the spots are still available.

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