You'll never believe the phone call I just got...

That's how my friend Marjorie greeted me at breakfast yesterday. She said..."Last week I ordered some printing from and I got a phone call from them!

I've NEVER been called before by any of the online companies I use.

The guy asked how often I needed printing and how much I usually ordered. I told him I spend a few grand once a quarter and he asked...

'Would it be OK if I emailed you some coupons for the stuff you usually order? I'll send it to you every three months so you don't get overwhelmed with emails from us.'

I said SURE!"

So here's what that company just did...

#1. They engineered a referrable experience (See Chapter 1 in my book for more on how to do this yourself.)

And for proof that it's referrable...Marjorie told me and I'm telling you and a few thousand close friends right now!

#2. They learned some important often she orders, how much she spends and what products she orders most.

You better believe Marjorie's been put into a handful of "buckets" that will help this company be of greater service to her.

#3. They got her permission to send her special offers every quarter...and set the expectation that she'll get them. Now she's *anticipating* their next offer.

#4. They built rapport and relationship through the power of the human voice. She "knows someone" in the company.

Not a bad payoff for the cost of a phone call.

But none of that can happen in your business until YOU think through the steps...

What should happen after a new order?

What should we ask?

What should we offer?


Steve Gordon

101 North Monroe Street, Capitol Hill, FL, 32301