How to charge more

Good news…

If you’ve ever wanted to charge more for what you do, there's really just one little change you need to make to do it…

Maybe you’ve heard that to raise your fees you simply need to “decide” to do it.

That’s true as far as it goes, but I’ll bet the thought of simply arriving at the office tomorrow and doubling or tripling your fees gets your heart pumping nervously faster…

“Will we keep our clients if we raise fees?”

“Will anyone hire us if we cost more than everyone else…?”

And that brings me to the one thing you must change, BEFORE you raise your fees.

The reason business owners hesitate to raise prices has nothing to do with price at all…

…and has everything to do with fear that wells up when you rely on a precariously low volume of new leads in your business.

Create an abundance of leads and you’ll find that increasing fees or being dogmatic about accepting none but the most IDEAL clients is easy…in fact, pleasurable.

photo, originally in color, courtesy of: Jason Kuffer

Steve Gordon

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