How to Achieve Market Leadership in 3 Steps

Clients gravitate to the market leader… It saves them time…

It reduces (perceived) risk…

It absolves them of responsibility…

So it’s good to be the leader.

Even essential to be the leader in your market (how ever you define it).

But how are market leaders made?

#1. Market leaders have an opinion.

Current reality isn’t as good as the leader’s future reality. Their opinion of what *should* be differentiates. Most won’t have, even fear having, an opinion…makes too many waves.

#2. Market leaders are divisive.

You’re with or against. Not for “everyone”. They aim to separate true raving clients from the rest.

#3. Market leaders shun non-believers.

When you have an opinion, and express it, the non-believers will attack…they must be shunned, ignored, bypassed. They have no vote. Real clients vote with money…

Are you leading your market?

Steve Gordon

101 North Monroe Street, Capitol Hill, FL, 32301