Home runs are for losers

  If there’s one quote in business I hate hearing more than any other, it is…

“Go big or go home.”

It sums up the “crap shoot” approach to business…

Bet it all…Roll the dice…Win big (or lose big).

Either way, it’s over in a hurry.

Read the letters Warren Buffet writes to his shareholders.

The most successful business person in the history of the world (measured by the universally accepted score keeper—money) plays a very different game.

He works hard to make only “can’t lose” bets.

Those are VERY DIFFERENT from “win big and win now” bets.

Client acquisition through marketing is a similar game…

Many are screaming at you to “go big or go home.”

Bet it all, right now on the latest ad platform or social site.

Sink your marketing dollars “all-in” to this media or that.

Don’t be fooled.

Place “can’t lose” bets.

Start small.


Prove success.

Then ride the winners and kill the losers (and there will be losers).

Start with scaleable referrals, then move up The Attention-Getting Ladder™ small bet by small bet.

That’s a game you can’t lose.




photo, originally in color, courtesy ofDemocracy Chronicles

Steve Gordon

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