The George Costanza School of Client Attraction

  We just moved and over the weekend I was unpacking a box and found my set of Seinfeld DVDs.

Popped one in (had to find the DVD player too!) and it was that episode…

You know the one…

George was fed up with his pathetic life and decided something had to change.

He determined that every decision he’d ever made had been wrong, so from that day forward he would do…


Instantly, his luck turned.

Things started working.

Life was grand.

I’ve found client attraction works best when you follow George’s lead.

Twenty years ago when everyone else was paying big bucks to exhibit at conferences, I gave speeches (for free) at the conferences.

It was worth millions.

Four years ago, when everyone said I should get out and network, I quit going to events cold turkey. Business shot up the next month and never stopped.

Three years ago, *they* said, you’ll lose all of your subscribers if you email them everyday. Today, I communicate with 10-times as many people.

Ditto for social media, and business has never been better.

The herd is often wrong, and always late to the party.

Watch where they’re going…and head the other way.




photo, originally in color, courtesy of: Michele Schaffer

Steve Gordon

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