From the “watch what they do” file…

  Happy Friday! Today, a warning… Before you listen/accept/buy from someone selling advice… WATCH WHAT THEY *DO*!! Literally… Don’t listen to what they “say” and believe it blindly… Some examples… Google, selling you Adwords using DIRECT MAIL… The litany of SEO companies promising to bring ME more traffic, who are trying to land ME, as client, using, essentially a cold call… The lead generation firm that sent me a COLD LinkedIn message…no value, no romance…nothing…and offered to help me generate leads! PLEEASSEE… If *that’s* your idea of lead gen, we’re not going to be a “fit”…(by the way, my response to the nice woman was generous…I recommended she read my book!) If you’re curious (and you should be)… Last week I got 619 referrals from my friend John Corcoran…all sent to a Referral Kit™ in webinar form… Some of those 619 sent money (which I like)… I talk about the importance of The Never-Ending Platform™…it’s one of the three growth engines in The Business That Grows Itself™ framework I created (and use)…if you’re curious, I publish three… You’re reading one…the second is here…and the third is for our highest level clients only… And…I teach a concept called The Ultimate High-Ticket Sales Process™ which makes sales, frankly, really, really easy… If you want to become a member of The Unstoppable CEO™ Elite program, you’ll experience it. The only reason to share any of this is to make the point: Watch what THEY do, not what THEY say… I don’t do this stuff because I write about it…I write about it and do it, because IT WORKS. :-)




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