Engineering demand vs. chasing the business

Just when you think you’ve heard everything… On a call yesterday, a business owner confessed that his “process” for getting leads was to dial the phone…



Can you imagine?

2000 calls in a month.

It’s a numbers game after all, and you’d think that with that kind of large number in the activity column, he’d have a triumphant story to tell…

Unfortunately, not.

2000 calls = just a half-dozen meetings with prospects.

Two weeks ago, I spoke with another entrepreneur who was LITERALLY knocking on doors.

(His #1 marketing expense…shoe leather.)

Again, a numbers game…and a brutal one.

I admire the courage and the work ethic of both men, but man, there’s an easier way…

Each month, we dissect real-world, practical strategies for generating demand for your business in The Unstoppable CEO™ CONFIDENTIAL and the monthly Roundtable calls for members…

The goal is to save from having to make 2000 cold calls, or even 20…the goal is to put 10 or 20 or 50 prospects in front of you every week…not merely 6.

Today’s Members-Only Roundtable call will be no different…we’ll be doing a deep dive into a new strategy for filling your calendar with appointments.

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photo courtesy of: Schristia

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