Don’t be “that” business

  Are you “that” business???

The one that does great work, has happy, successful clients, yet only gets the occasional referral…

Here’s news…there are a lot of “that” businesses.

Most are really good at what they do.

They have clients that love them.

And still…few referrals happen for them organically.

Some decide to do something about their “low referral” predicament and they start asking…they develop rewards programs, incentives, referral pushes.

But for high-ticket, high-trust referrals, where your clients already love you, those things creep out clients.

They’re good intentioned, but make clients feel slimy.

Like you’re using them…

And you know it.

All of those salesy referral approaches turn you into “that” business…

…the business clients see on caller-id and want to avoid.

Let me show you a different approach. One that adds value. Where you don’t have to ask, to reward, to beg or look desperate.

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photo courtesy of: Sigfrid Lundberg

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