Differentiate or Die

That’s your option in the new world of global commoditization. Gone are the protections of geography and limited buyer knowledge. Even accountants and lawyers are facing serious global pressures.

We could gather ‘round the campfire and wax romantic about “the good ol’ days” when business was easier…but was it really?

The pre-Internet game of business was a “winner take all” game within each market.

Today, there’s room and opportunity for many “winners,” but to be one, you’ve got to be different.

Without meaningful differentiation, you’re doomed to a slow, painful commodity death.

Or said differently, if you don’t give your prospects a reason to buy from you, other than price, then you leave them no choice…

…it’s price they’ll use to make their decision (and you won’t like the outcome).

So…your choice: Differentiate or Die.





photo, originally in color, courtesy of: poppet with a camera

Steve Gordon

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