What business are you really in?

  Early in my career, I learned that I was not in the business I thought I was in.

At the time, I thought we offered a technical solution to our clients. For a few years I believed that the way we provided our service, the advanced technology we used and the credentials we had, were all important parts of “the business.”

Turns out, the clients didn’t care.

To them, we sold speed and speed meant getting to a product they could sell faster (in our case, our clients were selling new homes).

They didn’t care how we did it, but faster was better, because it DRAMATICALLY reduced their costs.

So, really, our “product” was *money at a discount.*

The minute I understood what we really sold, was the very minute that sales and marketing got easy.

So, what are you selling?





photo courtesy of: Temari 09

Steve Gordon

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