Building Streams of New Clients

Need more clients? Take out pen and pad and make a list of all the ways you’re trying to get clients now…

- Online - Referrals - Networking - Direct mail - Carrier pigeon…

Just list them.

Then, with red Sharpie® in hand…

Cross through all but one that shows promise.

Don’t make the mistake of dabbling in 5 or 10 methods.

MASTER THE ONE remaining stream of clients.

Give yourself three months…a quarter…to focus on mastery of the one. Longer if needed.

Get it producing…

Turn it into a system…

Then add the next.

You don’t want to rely on only one source of clients forever, but you’ve got to build one before you can build the next.


P.S. My friend Dr. Srikumar Rao posted some excellent videos on happiness and success. His “if-then” concept was a huge wake up call for me when I heard it a year ago…and I think you’ll benefit from it, too.

Watch them here:

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