The big three “gotchas” of referral marketing

  Are you falling into these traps in your referral marketing?

- You’re not asking at all…or not asking often enough because the words feel awkward…

- You knock yourself out, giving an “over the moon” experience to your clients, hoping it’s enough, then wonder why they don’t refer…

- You network and do “one-to-ones” with referral partners. Everyone leaves happy, but you’re the only one in the relationship that’s sending referrals (right down a one-way street)…

Don’t sweat it…you’re not alone.

My research shows that these are the top three “gotchas” that keep you from getting all the referrals you deserve.

…even if you do a great job…even if your clients are happy…even if you *think* you have top-notch referral partners.

I’ll show you how to eliminate all 3 gotchas…

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photo courtesy of: Kenny Louie

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