How to bake-in trust to accelerate the sales process

  Yesterday, I said I’ve got something new cooked up…

Something that’s engineered to build trust systematically and rapidly with new prospects using three “trust accelerators”:

- The human voice

- Time

- Contribution to the relationship (a/k/a delivering value in advance)

Today…I’ve a got sneak peek and some “inside baseball” to help you translate this to your own business.

First, the sneak peek at my new and FREE course: The 6 Secrets to Getting 10x More Referrals


Now, you’re probably thinking, “Great, a free course…that ain’t new buddy!” and you’re right it’s not new.

The course…the medium…isn’t what’s important here. It’s the *thinking*.

See the free giveaway this course is replacing followed the current, conventional wisdom to be quickly consumable.

And it was.

But it didn’t do much to build trust.

I’m guessing 80-90% of the thousands of downloads of the Unstoppable Referrals Blueprint PDF are forever lost among the junk on hard drives around the world.

In that scenario, I lose…and so did every person who had a need, but didn’t get the help they were looking for.

It made the fatal mistake of “baiting for opt-ins”. Sure you need ‘em. You need a list of prospects. But you’ll get what you bait for. Put out bait for opt-ins…you’ll get ‘em.

But I want clients…real clients, with real problems I can solve for real money (ideally big stacks of it). So I’m changing the bait.

What kind of bait are you using?

What’s it attracting?

How can you bait differently to catch bigger, better quality clients?

Want to see how this works for yourself? Stay tuned tomorrow for your link to the free course.




photo courtesy of: Alex V

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