Are you making this mistake in business?

An awful lot of business people make the game way more complicated than it really is. The mistake they make is understandable.

It's a natural reaction that develops in the early stages of business, driven by the need to eat.

Unfortunately very few entrepreneurs ever grow out of it.

And that's a problem.

It keeps them small...smaller than they should be.

It creates stress...when stress is unnecessary.

It turns what should be a fun game to play into drudgery...a job.

The mistake?

Trying to grab clients right when the client is (finally) ready to buy.

See that's when everyone's trying to get that client.

It's the time when the future client has his "shields up" to defend against the onslaught of vendors.

The mistake...thinking, that if they don't buy now, they're not a buyer.

In my experience that's the hardest possible way to make business work.

Much easier to attract lots of possible "future clients" long before they're ready (while your competitors are distracted).

Create a place for them to "grow up" into valuable assets.

Start today...soon, business becomes easy.

Steve Gordon

101 North Monroe Street, Capitol Hill, FL, 32301