Are you a thoughtful business builder?

You busy? Me too...

Lots going on here, but I'm curious...

Have you stopped to think about what it is that you're building?

Are you building a job with a boss you see in the mirror every morning at the crack of dawn (nothing wrong with that)?

Or are you building a business?

Either one is fine, just build whatever you're building THOUGHTFULLY.

For me, I'm building a business using my own personal definition (after much thought):

It's a business when it produces more and more, with less and less of my involvement.

To achieve that definition you need three things...

#1 - A way to get clients without your involvement, or progressively less and less of your involvement.

#2 - A method for delivering value that's not directly connected to your personal effort.

#3 - An early tee time on Wednesday mornings!

Build what you want...just know what you're building!

Steve Gordon

101 North Monroe Street, Capitol Hill, FL, 32301