and he carried a weed-whacker to the meeting!

Oh how easy it is to get trapped… …down in the weeds of business.

Sure we all know the feeling, but do we know the cost?

Getting trapped in the weeds pulls your focus off of the singular goal of business—to help clients and get paid for doing it.

If you’re focused on the weeds—getting your website perfect, fooling around with a prospect that’s not “hot”, messing with your to do list, etc., etc., ad nausea—you’re not moving forward.

And worse…when you’re down there you, and your team can’t see the vision you want to create.

Look, clarity is about all that stands between most people and what they want (in any context of life or business).

If you, Mr. or Ms. leader are too far down and lose your clarity about the real goal…your team (even if that’s just the person in the mirror) ain’t far behind.

So…bring a weed-whacker to your business today. Chop down the weeds and get focused on the few things that matter like…

…oh, I don’t know…getting clients!

Steve Gordon

101 North Monroe Street, Capitol Hill, FL, 32301