A simple “laundry list” of things you must STOP doing if you need to get clients fast

Need clients yesterday? Scrambling to “make it rain?”

I’ll bet you’re doing (or thinking of doing) one, or more, of these “sales activities”…

- Cold call.

- Offer a discount to old, unconverted prospects.

- Chase phantom prospects.

- Drop everything the minute the phone rings and make yourself instantly available to every mirror-fogging human who calls.

- “Drop-in” ‘cause you just happen to be in the neighborhood (for the 17th time this quarter), to that nice prospect who’s always happy to talk with you for an hour…but has not, will not, will never buy.

- Have lunch with that Chamber buddy that you always thought should refer you, but never has.

- Search the Internet for a new opening script…maybe THIS one will finally keep them from hanging up when you call.

It IS possible to get clients in a hurry. EVEN IF you’re selling high-priced products or services and it does require some hustle…but smart hustle.

Not used car lot hustle.

Backstage hustle…where the audience, the prospect, can’t see it. All they see is you, center stage, the one and only real cure to what ails.

I’ll share the front stage choreography and the backstage hustle (smart hustle) you need to get clients when you need them in a hurry. Not theory, but an actual step-by-step, play-by-play plan and process to get clients when you need them NOW!

It’s all in February’s Unstoppable CEO™ CONFIDENTIAL…available until Midnight, Saturday.




photo courtesy of: Hey Paul Studios

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