A path to higher fees

Virtually all of the businesses that come to us are in some state of “commodity hell”…

They ALL do yeoman’s work for their clients.

They are ALL experts at what they do.

They are ALL good, ethical, people.

And every single one is frustrated at some level because they can’t escape the bland sameness of commoditization…

AND, the painfully depressed fees that are its certain result.

There are a number of paths out of “price depression”…

Yet none is as universally reliable and predictable as one.

Rooted in 8th Grade economics, the magic pill that elevates fees is…

DEMAND that exceeds SUPPLY.

Some believe that this is simply a market condition.

Not true.

Both demand and supply can be engineered to make the equation work in your favor.

Both should be engineered (to make the equation work in your favor).

But of the two, the one that creates lasting abundance is DEMAND ENGINEERING.

Increasing demand is an act of abundance creation…

Reducing supply is an act of scarcity and constriction…

One side of the ledger leads to expansion of opportunity…

(the only real source of security in an inherently insecure economic world)

The other…eventually withers.

Earlier this year we published a "blueprint" for increasing demand for your business

...to get clients fast.

...to dramatically increase prices.

...to do it all, without heavy-handed "selling".

Steve Gordon

101 North Monroe Street, Capitol Hill, FL, 32301