80% of winning clients comes down to this

For all of the marketing and sales tactics written about in books, 80% of the game comes down to two things…

(And you don’t need new landing page software, a website upgrade, or a fancy marketing automation tool to use them…)

The problem with these two things is that they’re not sexy.

They’re not easy.

Yet, they are simple, and guaranteed to get you more clients, even if you use “primitive” marketing…

The first and most important is a simple decision…

Who is your IDEAL Client™…?

Some are better than others.

The second can only exist in relation to your IDEAL Client…

Your offer. Or, more accurately, the fit between your offer and your IDEAL Client.

Does it speak their language?

Does it stir their emotions?

Does it capture their aspirations?

Does it create for them, the future they envision?

If you have both, most any “tactic” will work.

Without one or the other, most every tactic will fail.


Steve Gordon

101 North Monroe Street, Capitol Hill, FL, 32301