7 Highly Effective Triggers for Higher Prices

Yesterday, I exposed a common lie about selling at high prices. And I promised to share 7 triggers you can use to get higher than average prices and fees. Here they are…

1. Place - A rubber ball at Disney World sells for 20x what a similar ball sells for at Walmart.

2. Celebrity - Proactive acne cream…a brand driven by celebrity endorsement vs. generic. 4x to 40x premium for the celebs.

3. Authority - McKinsey & Co. management consulting vs. the MBA from Harvard already on staff.

4. Scarcity - If you can’t find it, you’ll pay more when you finally do (and be happy to have found it).

5. Convenience - Custom detailing of your car at your home vs. driving through the car wash across town.

6. Luxury Experience - Starbucks coffee vs. gas station coffee.

7. Personalization - Custom tailored suit vs. off the rack.

Now, for a little bonus…

My friend and master of the process of selling, Matthew Kimberley, is foolishly giving away 9 of his most prized business books…and he’s throwing in my book, too, to make an even 10 ;-)

You can put your name in the hat for the book drawing at his site…


I recommend you do!

Steve Gordon

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