Bankrupt farmer admits flaws in “milk for free” strategy

You’ve heard the sales advice…
“Give massive value.”

Good advice…unless, like the farmer, you go too far.

Giving value doesn’t mean “free consulting.”

Unfortunately, too many consultants, professionals, sales people (selling both product and service) fall into the trap…

They think that giving value means giving away the very thing they’re selling.

But, as the saying goes…if you give the milk away for free, why buy the cow?

So how do you give value without “giving it all away?”

First, get clear about HOW you can help your IDEAL client, before they’re a client (they’re often not ready for the full solution yet).

What do they need to know before they buy?

What must they hear to believe your claim of cure?

Second…SEPARATE yourself.

Really, physically separate from the prospect. Sure you can deliver value 1-on-1 over the phone or in person, but that’s a lot like “free consulting.”

Get on a stage and give the same advice to an audience…stage separates you from audience.

Publish your own media…email, print newsletter, videos, podcast…etc. Media separates you.

Both situations allow you to scale the delivery of value.

At the end of the day, you can’t deliver value to anyone in any form, if you don’t get paid.




photo courtesy of: phlubdr

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