How to avoid the “anti-referral”

It’s one thing if you’re not getting many referrals.

It’s quite another when you create “anti-referrals”…

You have to work hard to create them and, when you do, they can do serious damage to your business.

I’ve witnessed a business, that I once thought was a good business…worked with them for years…just wrapped up a big deal with them…

And, have referred them within the last year…

…just watched, helplessly, as they unleashed the “anti-referral” (aimed directly at me).

The experience was so bad, I worked all the way up to the CEO for help. Sadly, she avoided the single course of action that could have cured the effects of the “anti-referral.”

That magical action? A simple, sincere, apology.

Human to human.

Now I’ve got to warn all those I referred to them to steer clear (and try to mitigate any damage to my relationships).

Referrals are risky for the person making the referral. We’ve all had situations where businesses worked to explode an “anti-referral” experience in your world.

Your clients may be very happy with you (as I was with this business) but they never know if you’re hiding such a potent weapon…and so, they hesitate to refer.

You have two options:

1. Live with suppressed referrals, driven by fear that you, too, will let them down as others have in the past.


2. Remove all the risk from the referral by doing the opposite of the business herd.

Today at 1pm Eastern (10am Pacific / 6pm London), I’ll show you the simple tool I teach my clients to use that removes referral-risk.

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P.S. Sometimes (as I suspect in this case) it’s a few highly incompetent employees. My advice to you, as an Unstoppable CEO™—lead with an apology.

It could be the most profitable thing you say all year.




photo courtesy of: Thomas Williams

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