As Carl Sagan said…”billions and billions”

He was referring to stars in the universe…
I’d prefer to talk in dollars. Specifically, the $36.4 billion that’s projected to be spent by corporations on outside experts…

Experts in every discipline…

From training to finance to consulting to real estate, law and anything else you might imagine.

It’s a big number and it’s trending up. The question is…how do you tap into it. And if you’re already there (and I know many readers are), how do you get more?

Selling to “corporates” as they say across the pond, is a unique challenge. With many perils…

– the multi-headed committee decider

– the pin-headed purchasing head and his P.O. Obliterator

– the nervous-nelly mid-manager who fears you’ll take his job away

– the contract manager too fearful of seeing his head fall into the guillotine basket that he won’t move on anything but a “brand name” firm (one manager told me once that his key to survival was “never, ever stick your neck out”)

I could go on…

I’ve played that game for a long time, and seen it all.

(That’s one reason I LOVE working with decisive business OWNERS…you just get stuff done. No fuss, no drama, but I digress…)

When Angelique Rewers called and asked if I’d present during her Landing Corporate Clients Virtual Summit, I jumped at the chance to share the referral strategies that penetrate the corporate defenses.

To get in on the presentation, register now (it’s free) >>

Angelique’s filled the summit with really smart people, so you’re in for a treat for two days (and you don’t even have to leave your office to attend).

If you can’t attend the live session, there is an option to get all the recordings for a very nominal fee…you’ll see that after you register.

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photo, originally in color, courtesy of: Tom Hall

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