Are you really giving yourself the chance to succeed?

I don’t know the answer for you, specifically…only you can provide that.

But I do know that the vast majority of entrepreneurs have UNDERESTIMATED what they need to be successful.

How do I know that?

Simple…I look around. Few firms are doing well. Most are hand to mouth at some level.

Few firm leaders really understand how to attract great clients, so they move ahead in fits and starts…

Each new “win” is really just a product of chance and luck.

I’ll wager that you’re probably not seeing a consistent number of new potential clients each week or month.

And by consistent, I mean a number you can actually document, week-in and week-out…

And, if you can, I’ll wager that the number is too low to support the growth goals you’ve set.

How can I know this?

I get the privilege of seeing behind the scenes in A LOT of businesses. Nearly every one of them suffers this ill.

And yet, it’s imminently curable.

In fact, its cure is more a matter of formula, than luck.

You just have to apply the formula…

The formula has three parts…

Open Doors >> Deepen Relationships >> Close Deals

And to turn those three parts into a predictable system to get clients, you need to make 5 shifts in what you’re doing today.

If you’re interested in making the shifts, jump on our next presentation and I’ll walk you through them.

photo, originally in color, courtesy of: fady habib

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